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Want to have a Baby?

Had the child indeed was one perfection in living was married, could be imagined how quiet days that must be passed through without a sound of small child funny by all their loudness, despite, for instance lived of the household in a smeared manner the wealth.

After trying through various methods, good through the medical world, medical, spiritual, the shaman or alternative that was other but did not yet show results, then was not mistakenly if the husband and wife did personally alternative along with and definitely with used this simple spell.

But although simple, provided that the two of you could develop the conviction to himself that there is not those who was not possible in this world, that is why will change to one promoter with the certain horrifying strength will make this spell reverberating hard in the spiritual dimension, to afterwards deviate in our dimension.

Because this spell was aimed in order to be able to have the child as the continuer in the family, then the effect of his ray will definitely increase the capacity of the organs that functioned for that, like the womb for the woman and the quality of sperm for the man as well as other supportive factors this intention.

For this need was needed ritual along with:
The fast mutih - 7 days

Afterwards, continued with the normal Fast for 7 days.
Ritual was begun on Friday Pahing. Saw: Javanese Calendar
This Ritual will be finished on Thursday night Legi

That night continued by making love with your wife / husband, but read this spell before:
White Sri passionate ening
Red Sri passionate desire
combined went out ki jabang
lived the baby together with all of the families spirit
without the danger was destroyed without running

To carry out the husband and wife's relations only might be on Sunday night; on Sunday night and on Thursday.

As well as means of being:

* Make pineapple as salad with pungent dressing; chose that immature
* Was eaten by the Husband and Wife
* Give some of these to the family that had many children

from : www.kaskus.us

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