Kamis, 27 Desember 2007

Magic Spells Kulhu Durgabalik

In a placed where black magic worked, it’s always using the power of evil as support in the spiritual dimension. Person who got that power then act unusual, some times we can’t take them with normal thinking.

Most dangerous for that situation if the power of evil became under control, because the evil will exist in our dimensions and then disturb the harmony. Rarely that evil spirit can be sawn with normal looking.

For destroy that power of evil we must fight them in spiritual dimension, for our weapons just using this stuff:

* Self confidence
* Trust with our spirit because of God witness

For more stronger your sprit followed this ritual:
Patigeni for 3 days and 3 nights
Started this ritual at Selasa Kliwon, see calendar

This spells then we spoken below has amazing power to make evil, Satan, or other kind running away because they felt burning.

And then bad magic that came to us will going back to the source because it doesn’t have barriers anymore.

Kulhu Durgabalik spells that spoken:
Sato came Sato die
Shaped came shaped die
Evils came evils die
Buna came Buna die
All of bad prepared will die cause of God will
La illahailolloh Mohamad rosululloh

from : www.kaskus.com

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